May 8, 2021

Maintainer Interviews are back for 2021!

The DCCO organizing team has been hard at work planning this year's (entirely virtual) event, and we're excited to announce the Maintainer Interview format we introduced during DrupalCamp Colorado 2020 will return this year.

Maintainer Interviews will be 45 minute sessions in which a Drupal community member who has been doing particularly impactful work will have a conversation with Rachel Lawson, the Drupal Association’s Community Liaison. Each interview will be unique, conversational and interactive, with the opportunity for attendees to submit questions in real time.

Similar to last year, we'll have two maintainer interviews - one on Saturday, 8/7, and one on Sunday, 8/8 (stay tuned for details around the specific times each will take place). This year Sally Young and Angie Byron will be joining us for engaging conversations around their work in the Drupal community and beyond.

About Sally:
Sally is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Lullabot, working across the full-stack and specializing in decoupled architectures with Drupal. She's a Core JavaScript maintainer, and has been focusing on the effort to modernize Drupal's JavaScript.

About Angie:
Angie is Sr. Director of Product and Community Development at Acquia, and Product Manager for Acquia Migrate: Accelerate. She has been involved in the Drupal community since 2005 as a Google Summer of Code student, and has since then gone on to become a Core Committer and Product Manager for Drupal, recipient of the Google-O'Reilly Open 2008 Source Award for Best Contributor, and co-author of the O'Reilly book Using Drupal. Her Drupal community work includes core patch review, improving the user experience and developer experience of Drupal, strategic initiative coordination, testing and quality assurance efforts, improving and fixing documentation, and general community cat herding.

About Rachel:
Rachel Lawson is the Community Liaison at the Drupal Association, providing a contact between Drupal community members worldwide and the Drupal Association which is the non-profit at the heart of supporting the project with technical, fundraising, community and product marketing resources and leadership.

Rachel has been fortunate to take a wonderfully varied route to this position; starting her career not in tech at all but teaching fencing. Taking the jump into tech via a teaching post, she has worked in the defense, finance and pharmaceutical sectors before finally discovering Drupal and becoming a full-time web developer.

Realizing that the best way to improve her career in open source is always to “get involved”, she became a contributor to the Drupal project and found herself moving naturally into mentoring others to contribute.

In 2017, Rachel joined the Drupal project’s Community Working Group, helping community members to resolve differences and abide by the Code of Conduct. This led eventually to her taking the new role of Community Liaison at the Drupal Association.

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