Main Camp Registration

Register here to gain access to all of the free main camp resources, such as Saturday's sessions, maintainer interviews and all keynote speaker presentations. Remember to put in an individual donation to receive this year's camp t-shirt swag and to support the Colorado Drupal community. Registering for the main camp will not include areas of the camp like Summits and Trainings, but you can easily register for those sections of the camp using the registration links below.

Summit Registration

Register here as well for any of our several summits, which promise to provide relevant content and opportunities for you to connect with other members of the Drupal community within the realms of Library, Non-Profit, Government, Education and Devops. All summits are free to register and attend and will be separate from the main camp listed above, and trainings listed below.

Trainings Registration

This year's camp trainings promise more beneficial and information content that ever before! Learn about componentized design and development, setting up a functional local workspace and migrations into Drupal 9. Register here today, but don't also forget to register for the main camp above and any Summits you may be interested as well.